So You Want To Be Photographed With Your Horse

As an animal lover myself, I love photographing clients with their animals. I have a special gallery dedicated to pets and a tab specifically for equestrians. Our animals are a big part of our lives and for me personally, I feel as though they are members of our family. Your animals companion will never judge how you look. They only care how much you love them back.

With that being said, there are a few things to consider before including your furry companion, especially your horse into your photo session. The very first and basic place to start is your tack. Please ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned your tack and remembered important items, such as a Champion cooler or ribbons. You will also want to ensure that your horse is properly groomed. Has your horse recently been bathed and clipped? Give that tail a good scrubbing on the day of your session and have some sort of Show Sheen to get that coat full of chrome. Also, you wouldn't want your skin to look dull or dry in your images. Be sure to have hoof oil on hand to make those hooves shine. You will either want someone to groom your horse for you the day of the session or once your groom your horse, then you will have to get yourself ready. Be sure to put a cooler or fly sheet on your horse and stall them before your session. This will help ensure your horse stays clean.

Photographing any animal takes lots of patience and time. This is especially true for a horse. As a professional photographer, I often use lighting equipment outdoors. I may not need it during your session, but if the outdoor conditions call for additional lighting, I will use it. I find that if I slowly introduce my lighting gear to a horse by letting the horse look at it, then sniff it, the gear won't be a scary thing to them when we actually start creating portraits.

Also, think about dinner time. I am usually photographing clients with their horses about an hour before sunset. If that happens to be during your horses dinner time, he will be thinking about his grain back at the barn. You want to ensure you have a happy, well fed horse. So be sure he is fed before we begin our session. With that being said, be sure to have horse treats on hand to reward his good behavior or get his attention. I want your horse to be alert during the session. And if there's one thing that will get those ears forward, it is treats! I also have some other tricks to ensure your horse is not falling asleep, but leave those to me.

Next, be prepared that even though you want to be photographed with your horse, your horse may have other ideas. You may have all sorts of Pinterest ideas but your session will depends on the temperament of your horse. Your horse will dictate how long we spend with him. If your horse doesn't stand still very long, we will have to work quicker to get the shots. Something to remember and this sounds silly, but be prepared that your horse will move! There will be several times that we will need to back him up or even circle him back around to get him in the right spot. The main thing is to remain calm, listen to your horse and be patient. We will capture beautiful images of you and your horse. Just enjoy this moment and that you have this beautiful creature in your life!


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