Wichita Children's Home & Senior Spokesmodels

It has been crazy around the studio this summer and going into fall has been no exception. So this blog post is a little over due! Over the summer, my 2018 Senior Spokesmodels purged their closet and their friend's closets for gently used or new items. Each Spokesmodel brought in clothing items. I am so proud of these young people that are our future and helping out not only our community, but also their peers. When I think of the Wichita Children's Home, I don't necessarily think of teenagers. But did you know that pre-teens and teenagers are who is most in need of clothing items. Many times, there are not enough clothing items for this age demographic at the Wichita Children's Home. And did you know that this generation is the MOST aware and philanthropic of any generation. Thanks to social media, they aren't just about themselves. They really want to help their community and especially their peers. Well, the Melissa Kelly Imagery 2018 Senior Spokemodels far surpassed my imagination. They brought in more than 1,500 clothing items. When I think about all the students that have had to leave their home under a stressful situation, without the comforts of their home or possibly any clothing, it seriously brings tears to my eyes. Even more, it brings goosebumps when I think of those kiddos arriving at the Wichita Children's Home and having clothing that they can be proud of that was donated by their peers. Many times the person standing next to us could be a recipient of such kindness. We never know where our generosity may reach, but I am so thankful that my 2018 Melissa Kelly Imagery Senior Spokesmodels realize this and are so willing to help.

For more information, check out our video:  https://www.facebook.com/missydkelly/videos/10213807046679940/

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